Below are testimonials from woofie’s pet sitting & dog walking clients.

The absolute best dog service ever!! Everyone at Woofie’s is attentive and very professional. I can’t say enough about their promptness, reliability and excellent service. They go the extra mile to make you and your pet feel comfortable. I will never use another service as long as I live in this area. They are like family to us. Ramona – Broadlands

I would highly recommend Woofie’s to anyone. Their service and professionalism is top notch. We are glad that we found them. Jim – Ashburn

My four crazy dogs adore the Woofies team. Our vacations are more fun knowing the pets are in excellent hands, and the addition of the mobile spa makes Woofies the go-to place for pet care! Jennifer – Ashburn

Woofies is the best Pet Service I have ever used. Great alternative to boarding your pet in an environment they are not accustomed too. Woofies provides excellent service to your pet with daily notes, updates and plenty of love. I truly do not worry when I am away, I know that my pet will be well taken care of and loved! I won’t use any other service but Woofies in the future! Tiffany – Broadlands

If you need a trusted and caring service to take care of your pet on a temporary basis — one that will listen and implement instructions as if they were you, one that is responsive to quirky schedules, one that understands and empathizes with sometimes ”difficult” pets, and one that takes the ”trauma” out of leaving your pet or what ”might” happen at the groomer’s, look no further than to Woofie’s. The mobile pet spa is a life saver for any owner that needs reliable, attention-to-detail grooming but is concerned about the environment in which they are leaving their pet, and the relationship built between sitter, walker, groomer and pet is just astoundingly positive! Randy – Ashburn

Amy and Leslie offer the best customer service I have ever seen from any business. They are friendly and caring and they employ people like themselves in their business. You can trust that they will take good care of your pet(s). I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for the services they provide. Barb – Broadlands

I am thrilled to have a mobile pet service that pampers and spoils my pets. It has been such a hassle getting 2 dogs that get car sick back and forth to a groomer and Woofie’s Mobile Pet Service has been a fantastic solution to this problem. I couldn’t be happier and my dogs are so much more relaxed now on grooming days. Thank you! Denise – Ashburn

Woofie’s is very responsive and always there when I need them. my Woofie’s groomer was an exceptional groomer and will use her ALL the time. They are dog lovers like no others. Dependable, reliable and extra kind! Georgette – Brambleton

You all love my dog as if it’s your own and provide the best quality of service and care! We love the new Grooming business and LOVE how Hudson comes home looking so handsome! The pet grooming service is the best we have ever seen! Kristin – Leesburg

When we first got our dog Riley, the hardest thing was figuring out how we were going to take care of him while we were at work and out of town. Soon after hearing about Woofies we set up our first walk with Leslie! We have been beyond happy with our relationship ever since. Every time we leave Riley, whether it be day or night, we know that he is receiving the best love and care possible. Sometimes I think he’d even prefer to be with Leslie over his own family 🙂

We have used the mid-day walks, grooming services and also overnight stays. I can’t say enough good things about all three. Riley loves his mid-day walks with Leslie and is happy every day that he gets to see her. When Riley was picked up for his first grooming session he was a bit nervous, but Leslie was there to introduce him to my Woofie’s groomer, and they took great care of our boy. He looked amazing and walked around with his awesome bandana, proud as could be, the rest of the day. We’ve also had Riley stay with Leslie for a few weekends and I think that is his favorite service offered by Woofie’s. Almost every time we go to pick him up he doesn’t want to leave.

This review could go on forever, but if I can say anything about Woofie’s it would be that they treat all their clients like family and they really are the best in their field. Kallie – Ashburn

Woofie’s is great! The van showed up on time the pets loved the experience and everyone smelled wonderful! Easy stress-free for all of us! Carla – Brambleton

Woofies has provided me peace of mind while I’m working, just knowing that my old guy is being walked, cared for, and played with. The staff is so responsive – if something comes up and I can’t be home from work at the normal time I just send a text and I’m assured ’no problem’, someone will be there to take Mason out for his evening walk. Their flexibility, sincerity, love and concern is rare and treasured. Maureen – Ashburn

Woofie’s provides excellent, personal care for my dog when we go away on vacation…even bringing in the mail/newspapers and, if requested, taking the trash can to the curb. They administer her medications as instructed and leave a detailed note each day every time they visit…and usually one or two texts during our week away. I completely trust my dog with Woofies! John – Broadlands

Woofies has been truly a godsend for new parents to Husky Pup Kaleb! They allow us to go about our daily routine/vacations with very little worry; very flexible and knowledgeable. The Mobile Pet Spa is awesome and very affordable!!! Kathy – Belmont Country Club

Woofies has cared for my aging Cocker with cancer and now my young 7 year old Lab and blind 15 year old Lab. They are consistent, reliable, and care for and about my dogs as much as I do. Laura – Ashburn

Zoe was groomed by my Woofie’s groomer in the mobile pet spa. She smelled wonderful for days! Her nails were clipped nice & short, her fur was fluffy & soft and she looked beautiful! Nina comes in daily for mid-day walks with our puppy Zak. We got Zak at 7 weeks old in September and Nina has been a great part of helping us train him to be well behaved and a good leash walker. When we had a behaviorist come in to work with us, Nina came to the visit and although was a little overwhelmed, she worked through her hesitation and did a great job with Zak that day. By the notes she leaves in the log I know that training continues. She asks questions about how things are going with him with us and how she can do better with him. It’s great having Nina in our house. She gives special love & attention to Zoe too. Jessscia – Ashburn

I can’t say enough good things about the integrity and quality of service I receive from woofies. Woofies is the most reliable service I’ve ever used and I trust them with my most precious 4-legged treasure. I never worry about my home or my pet with them – they have never missed a beat in 4 years of regular service. My dog is healthier, happier and better behaved because of the attention he receives from woofies. I could not enjoy a vacation if I wasn’t confident in the care my Beemer was getting, and they give me a peace of mind that is invaluable. Thank God for woofies! Renee – Broadlands

Woofie’s always makes me feel comfortable when I go out of town. They leave detailed notes on the time they spend with my dogs and even sent me text message pictures while I was away! Nikki – Brambleton

Woofies is a reliable, caring pet service that is reasonably priced. They are flexible and professional in providing service and a terrific group of individuals! Linda – Broadlands

Woofies loves and gives 200% to my animals. I rely on Woofies for twice-a-day walking of two large dogs as well as frequent overnight care for my dogs and cats when my job requires travel. If I need extra coverage for any reason, Woofies always accommodates and helps me. I hsve been stranded in an airport due to bad weather and they bent over backwards to make sure my animals were safe and happy. They monitor the care my pets receive by closely overseeing the caretakers and soliciting my input and satisfaction. They love my pets-you won’t find more conscientious and compassionate pet enthusiasts and caretakers. I also use the dog grooming services-my 143 pound Newfoundland looks and feels like Miss America. Behn – Ashburn

Woofie’s is the next best thing to being with your pet! From the Mobile Pet Spa, to Pet Walking, and Vacation Care, Woofie’s treats your pet with love, affection and attention to all the details! I never have to worry when my pet is in Woffies care! I can relax knowing all his needs are being met! Thank you Woofie’s! Dawn – Belmont Country Club

It just doesn’t get better than Woofies! Trust me, I know! We use them for midday walks during the week, vacation and overnight care, and for baths in the Mobile Pet spa. They make life easier, they make me a better pet parent and I have complete faith and trust in Amy, Leslie and my pet care team. Love, love, love them all! Tracey – Brambleton

I researched on the internet & picked Woofie’s after comparing all the options and all the competitors. After one phone call, I was positive I had picked the best. After one service I was a committed customer! Kristyne – Ashburn

We have enjoyed using Woofies for Rambo’s walks and for his grooming as well! The employees are professional, always positive and take pride in their jobs! Giuli – Broadlands

Ladies, you know I have loved the midday walking service for year, with both of my dogs. Spikey and I just tried the grooming service and it is a true godsend!!!! Now you all come to the house and groom him and I don’t have to worry about it or drive to pick him up after work! YAY! Will be scheduling a grooming for Feb soon. It is a great service and is more economical for me without having the pet taxi charge and without my driving to Leesburg and back. He looked so good after his bath!!! Joan – Ashburn

I love that my dogs love them. They are always very happy to see Vasha. They give her their love howls. They are fantastic, my dogs and I couldn’t be happier. Leslie also makes things very easy. Adrianne – Ashburn

I have used both the pet-sitting and grooming services at Woofies. Amy and Leslie are wonderful to work with. I have no worries leaving our dog while we are out of town. Leslie sent me text messages with updates the first day we were gone just to ease the transition. The mobile grooming is also a great service. It’s a wonderful thing to have your dog groomed right outside the front door without have to drop off and pick up anywhere. Thanks so much Woofies! Paula – Belmont Country Club

Leslie, Wendy, and my Woofie’s groomer are our links to the Woofie’s family. Leslie handles my late night and early morning text messages with grace and professionalism. Wendy is our kind savior, having come to our rescue on many workday run long. my Woofie’s groomer is fantastic and her grooming skills are unparalleled. Woofie’s epitomizes compassionate professionalism and we would trust Walter, our 9 month labradoodle, to no one else. Whether it’s a daily walk, a last minute need for boarding, or a quick trim; Woofie’s accommodates to our every need and treats us as if we’re their only client. From reading other testimonies, I know that others feel the same. Thank you Woofie’s, for your exceptional service and for keeping Walter’s tail wagging! Tara – Ashburn

I have been using Woofies for my 2 babies (dogs) for just over 4 months. I have been blown away with the love, support, & generosity Woofies gives their clients. They offer all kinds of services: pet sitting, mid-day walks, mobile grooming, fundraisers, etc…I highly reccommend Woofies for you & your pet’s needs. Mimi – Belmont Country Club

I cannot sing my praised enough about the wonderful staff (and owners:) of Woofies! From the amazingly quick responsiveness, to the loads of TLC they heap on my pup just warms my heart and I know my furry boy is in great hands. And most recently with the addition of grooming services (which we tried and LOVED for the first yesterday) they have the full suite of services. SOOOOO happy I found them…and so is my GoldenJ Please don’t ever change – ya’ll are WONDERFUL!! Katie – Lansdowne

Woofie’s offers GREAT services for pets; I can say that I am VERY pleased with the services they have provided to my pet. They are professional, caring, and attentive to my pet’s needs. Angie – Ashburn

I took my two dogs, Nemo and Bacci, to Barktober fest this past Sunday. While Bacci was walking around like she owned the place, Nemo was shaking, had his tail between his legs and I had to pick him up. We eventually made our way to the Woofies booth. He saw Lisa (our walker) and jumped out of my arms and immediately was happy and barking and jumping and kissing all over Lisa. I have always been extremely pleased with Lisa and Woofies. Actions speak much louder than words and in this instance I just had to see my Nemo and know that I never have to worry when my dogs are with Lisa and Woofies. I am one very, very happy client. Maria – Ashburn

Woofie’s has everything you would want in a pet sitting service. Caring, professional, friendly people who love your pets (almost) as much as you do! I recommend them to all my friends with pets! Amy – Broadlands

Amy and Caroline went so far above and beyond this last trip. Gizmo always gets a little upset tummy being so spoiled, he hates when we leave. But, this time Jersey really had a rough time too. She was very sick and Amy called me right away and took her to the vet for us. She was so wonderful to have here, we are grateful to have such a great person to take care of and love our dogs while we are gone. THANK YOU!!! Jennifer – Ashburn

I have never been more at ease with a pet service as I am with Woofies. Amy and Leslie provide absolutely the best and highest quality of care. I know our dogs are loved as much with them as when we are home. Laura – Ashburn

We know that Wendy is always taken care of when Woofies is watching her. We like that there’s a daily log to let us know what went on while we were away. Heather – Brambleton

I like the fact that they have genuine affection for the pets and enjoy spending time with them. I also think they exercise good judgement and are trustworthy. I like that I don’t worry about them if I leave them in woofie’s care. Elizabeth – Ashburn

It is warm, friendly and professional. We are entrusting pets we love who cannot speak to us if they are unhappy. We don’t feel we nee to worry! Sara – Ashburn

You guys are always there, even at last minute, and flexible and so caring with my pets. They don’t seem as upset or mad when I return home. Thank you so much for caring for them like you would care for your own. Donna – Ashburn

As a visitor to VA regularly, I have used Woofie’s to look after my dog, Sugar, when I’m there. Sugar lost her family in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and needs TLC. She loves the Woofie’s caretakers which says a lot for the service they provide. Terry – Florida/Ashburn

Much as I try to plan ahead better, Woofie’s has always come through for me on short notice, and I’m always impressed by that. Above all, though, is I feel that my pets are getting real love and caring attention from Woofies. Audrey – Broadlands

I can’t say enough about you guys. The best thing beside how much you love Maggie and Ripley would be your enthusiasm and dedication to provide THE BEST care for each and every animal. Kerstin – Belmont Country Club

Woofies takes care of our boys, Duffy & Kip, as if they were their own dogs. They have even rescued them from the house during an emergency when we couldn’t get there immediately! They adjust to changes in our schedule quickly and always make sure that everything is taken care of with utmost care. They are the BEST!! Elizabeth – Ashburn

Woofies totally rocks !! Southpaw and Lucy love Woofie’s and completely look forward to their mid-day walks. I love knowing they are well taken care of, and that everyone at Woofies treats them as their own – its like a big extended family ! Jennifer – Ashburn

If you like to skip to the end of a story, then here it is. If you want the absolute best pet sitters in the area, someone who will care for your 4 legged friends like it was their own, then call Woofies. Remember the UPS commercial where the guy says “It’s not that I’m not a trusting person…yes it is.” Well that’s me. So you can understand my dread of the thought of not just letting someone in my house, but taking care of the most precious thing in the house, my labs Mystic and Reynolds (a.k.a. the Lads). But that’s exactly what I needed to do in early 2005 in order to attend a required out-of-town graduate school residency. All my worrying ended when the ladies from Woofie’s came by for an interview.

After a discussion of my requirements, they spent the rest of the visit getting to know the lads; their habits, likes/dislikes, medical needs, etc. Watching them interact with the boys was heartwarming. They don’t go through the motions, they absolutely care. In late 2005, I suffered a medical condition which kept me in the hospital for two months. The message relayed to me from Woofies? “Take care of yourself, we’ll take care of your boys.” In fact, they would come give the Lads an extra walk, at no charge I might add, to relax them and give my Mom a rest. My recovery was greatly aided by the knowledge that my boys were in excellent, caring hands.

Woofies is all about your pets. Their focus was all on the comfort of me and the lads, not what worked best for them. To the team at Woofies, this isn’t a job, it’s their calling. The energy, goodwill, and caring show this. I can’t say enough about these people and the incredibly high level of service you and your pets will receive. Thanks to Amy, Leslie, and the Woofie’s team. You are incredible! Just ask the Lads. Albert – Ashburn

I am submitting this letter on behalf of my dog Lucky. I know he would do it if he could. I am a recently divorced, part-time single Mom of a thirteen year old daughter and I had a fourteen year old Dalmatian. I had started a new career as a Loudoun County firefighter / EMT-recruit in 2006, which did not allow me the opportunity to take my dog, Lucky, out as often as he had become accustomed to. Because of his age, I was concerned that he would leave me “presents” but more importantly be lonely. I hired Woofie’s to see that both of these concerns would not be a reality. I quickly discovered that this company, Woofie’s, was much more than just “dog walkers”.

Anyone can walk a dog and clean up after them but not just anyone can give a dog the love and attention that it is used to getting from its owners. With Woofie’s service, I received notes on how Lucky enjoyed his day or that maybe he wasn’t feeling just right or that he got a little extra TLC because he looked sweet…these are things that comfort an owner. As with most pets, Lucky was much more than a dog. He was an integral part of my family and my daily life. He saw me through the worst of times and the best of times. I wouldn’t trust him to just anyone. When Lucky took a turn for the worse, I was not expecting the support I received from Woofie’s, specifically Amy Reed. It was very comforting knowing she was equally concerned for Lucky’s well-being and her phone call, messages and emails made me realize that I found not only a dog walker for Lucky, but a company that truly cares about their clients…owners AND pets. In today’s fast-paced, hustle to get it done, often rude customer service, the service provided by Woofie’s is without a doubt upheld to the highest standards and surpassed my expectations.

I would recommend this company to anyone with pet sitting needs as well as recommend this company for all the accolades it deserves. I know Lucky finished out his life being loved by many…and that included Woofie’s. I also know that any future pets that enter my life will be given the opportunity to be loved by Woofie’s as well. Thank you!!!! Danielle – Ashburn

Woofie! I love you guys!!!! I have been a Woofies client for many years and could not be happier or more impressed with the care that you gave my beloved Rascal (aka Booboo), my West Highland White terrier who passed away in 2007. You all totally impressed me with the daily reports on how that walk went. I know that the walkers genuinely cared about my dog. They were so super about working with my schedule. Also, their rates were very fair! The pet taxi service was a true life saver for me, because you are sooo trustworthy and I could continue to schedule grooming appointments during the week, rather than waste a Saturday at the groomer!!! Last but not least, Rascal especially LOVED the doggie parties that you all host. He had the ABSOLUTE BEST time at them!!!! He loved to run and play with all of the big dogs!!!!! Leslie, Patti and Amy, thank you, thank you, thank you for being such good friends of Rascal/Booboo and me. I don’t know what we would have done without you guys, coming every day to take my best little friend for a piddle walk. When I became a client, I was quite desperate, because of some very unfortunate problems with my previous service. While we were with Woofies, I had NO WORRIES about how my dog was during the day. Thank you again for everything that you did for us!!! I look forward to a long happy association with Woofies! Joan – Ashburn

We started using Woofies many years ago. After an injury, I was unable to walk our two labs with the frequency they were used to. We decided to interview a few dog walking services to get them their daily exercise. After calling Woofies, Leslie and Amy came over that evening, and we were sold. They played with our dogs, got to know them for a good hour, and the boys loved every minute of it. Leslie, Amy and Shawn came to walk the boys and give them the play time they needed. Like the US Postal Service, Woofies was there no matter what the weather was….sun, rain, snow….it didn’t matter. Woofies’ schedule was always very flexible too. If we needed a second walk because we were coming home late, it was not a problem. They even took care of feeding the boys and their cat “sister” too, at no charge. They have even gone above the call of duty….one of my labs needed some medical tests run, and we were having trouble getting a sample from him; again, Woofies took care of things. They not only collected the sample, but also took it to the vet for us. The dedication and professionalism of the entire group, coupled with their very personal touch, is what makes me recommend them to friends and neighbors who are considering hiring a dog walking service. Brian – Broadlands

We have been extremely happy and loyal Woofie’s customers since early 2005. We have three cats and have traveled quite a bit since moving to the area in 2002. Since boarding the cats and/or having friends or family come to check in on them have never really been an option for us, we turned to a pet sitting service at the recommendation of our veterinarian. Prior to finding Woofie’s, we had some pretty bad experiences with local area pet sitters which left us very anxious every time we needed to head out of town…and nervous the entire time we were away. The first time we met Amy and Leslie with Woofie’s, we knew that things would be different with their company. They were both extremely professional and personable…and obvious animal lovers. It is that balance…their professionalism and personal touch…that sets Woofie’s above the rest. We have never been treated like a number and we feel absolutely comfortable with the way they care for our cats, and our home, while we are away. In fact, sometimes we think they take better care of the cats than we do because often we open the front door after returning from a trip and although the cats immediately run to the door and greet us, they almost look as if they are disappointed that it is us instead of Woofie’s! We can’t explain how nice it feels to finally go away and not worry about our pets because we know they are in reliable, caring hands. We have, and will continue, to highly recommend their services to any pet owner in the area. Courtney – Sterling

My husband and I moved to the Ashburn area and immediately began searching for a good pet sitter. Three pet sitters were used at our previous residence. Out of those 3 only one proved satisfactory. Therefore, after moving to Ashburn, my search for a pet sitter was very detailed in order to rule out substandard services. I searched the internet thoroughly and read information on many sites. When I discovered the Woofies web page, I was delighted with the information I found there and thus decided to give Woofies a try. I called and my first call was answered by Leslie whom I enjoyed talking to very much. After the call, I felt certain I had found the perfect fit for my Cocker Spaniel.

Amy Reed made an initial visit to my house and it was such a pleasure. She left no detail unturned in an effort to better know my Cocker Spaniel (Sandy). I had actually put off trips due to the apprehension I had when it came to finding someone to care for Sandy who is 11 years old. So, I was pleasantly surprised and relieved after my visit with Amy. The apprehension was gone and I felt totally comfortable in having Woofies come for the first time to care for our pet. While gone on my trip, since this was our first time using Woofie’s service, I received updates from Woofies on how Sandy was doing. The comfort level I felt allowed me to have a good time while away. Since then, I have used Woofies numerous times. They follow any instructions I leave and treat Sandy like she was one of their own. Sandy gets long walks, food, water, medicine (if needed), and tummy rubs; an abundance of TLC. Woofies has also been there for me when I could not make it back into town on time. I have been able to call and ask: “Can you visit Sandy one more time today?” and they can immediately set things up to do so.

If needed Woofies will also water my plants and pick up the mail while away. I can always count on Woofies to immediately take my dog to the vet if the circumstances warrant. All the small details that we sometime forget about, Woofies remembers and takes the appropriate actions. In an era of poor services, I feel overwhelmed at the kindness and attention to detail provided by Woofies. I highly recommend Woofies to anyone seeking pet sitting services whether or not your pet is young or older. Woofies Pet Sitting service is precise yet so personable and I have to say thank you to them for that. I love the Web Site and I love the Service. Elizabeth – Brambleton

The entire Woofies staff is excellent! My golden retriever, Princess, and my 15 year old sheltie, Kita, who passed away in 2006, loved it whenever Amy and Leslie came to visit. I have complete peace of mind whenever I leave them in their care. They have always been very reliable and go above and beyond just “pet sitting”. I can tell by the notes they leave each time that they truly care for my “puppies”. Jennifer – Broadlands

We can’t speak highly enough of the service/care our dogs have received from Woofies. We have been using their services since 2005 and will continue to use them, as well as recommend them to anyone looking for a pet walker/sitter. I was always somewhat skeptical about pet sitting services, wondering who would take care of the dogs, but more importantly what kind of care they would receive. We love Woofies, mainly because they love our “pups” like they were their own. They have taken great care of the dogs when we’ve been out of town and also for some occasional walks when we just can’t find the time to make sure they’re exercised. Woofies has always accommodated us last minute and for planned trips. They’ve been flexible with timing and just great to work with. Having Woofies take care of them lets us focus on the trip we’re on, rather than worrying if the dogs are ok. Their services have been a big bonus to the Ashburn area. Kathie – Broadlands

Woofies is a terrific business with very caring, conscientious employees. We hired Woofies as our dog walkers in September 2005, and they have been completely reliable. Actually that doesn’t accurately describe them. Yes, they always come on the days I tell them, but they go much further than that. They really love my dogs and take extremely good care of them. The other thing that is wonderful about Woofies is how honest they are. I basically told them they could visit any amount of times when we were in California, gave them permission to do whatever our boys needed while we were gone. Imagine my surprise when I returned and didn’t owe an extra cent. I think some other businesses would have taken advantage of me, and I am certain I would have had a much larger bill when I returned. I have not had a single even mediocre experience with Woofies, everything has been fantastic. Everyone has been great. The walkers absolutely adore our dogs and even have nicknames for them. Letting others into your home on a regular basis when you are not at home is difficult, but trusting them to care for your beloved pets is so much more to ask. My pets mean more to me than anything in my home, and I trust Woofies completely. Karen – Ashburn

I would like to commend Woofies and their employees for their quality service. My husband Josh and I have been using Woofies pet sitting services since it first opened, and Jack was Leslie’s first client. Leslie would walk him 5 days a week. Jack was a rescue dog from Pakistan and had a number of behavior issues. Leslie’s daily walks with Jack gave him more confidence — we could see the change in him. He went from a cowering mess whenever there was a noise, to a dog that can play with friends when they come over. Additionally, Jack loves to go to her house when we go away. Jack used to slink around when he would see the suitcases, but now he is almost happy we’re going because she has made his time away from home a joy for Jack. We brought Kernel, a Rottweiler puppy into our home in late 2005 and Leslie and Amy were a godsend with this rambunctious baby of ours. He not only had the classic bad puppy behavior issues such as chewing and digging, he was diagnosed with allergies to almost everything. The walkers are extremely careful about what Kernel eats and he too looks forward to his woofie’s visits. Kernel can be a handful, (even for me and I love him dearly) but I have never heard a complaint. They clearly understand big dogs and truly seem to love both dogs as much as we do.

I cannot say how much we appreciate their visits to our home. Both boys love woofie’s and it is clear that they each care for our “babies” exactly as we would want them to be cared for…they take away much of the guilt we feel at our extended absences. There has never been a day when a visit has been missed and everyone at Woofies is pleasant and so responsive, it is a refreshing change from most service providers in the Washington DC area. I have recommended Woofies to all our friends and neighbors. Some other co-workers are moving to the area this summer and their biggest concern is whether Woofies would be able to take on new clients! Michel – Ashburn

“You ought to try Woofies!” We were given this advice by friends who had switched to Woofies from a dog walking service both our families had used, which had changed ownership and whose customer service orientation was deteriorating. Well, “try Woofies” we did, and we have been grateful for that excellent recommendation ever since. From the initial interview with Leslie, at which our Border Collies fell head over paws for her, we knew that Woofies was the pet service for us. Their flexibility with my schedule and last minute mid-day walk bookings show just a portion of their commitment to meeting their clients’ needs. An even better example was how Leslie followed through on my frantic, “I don’t remember if I turned the iron off!” call and returned to check on that for me even though she had already walked “the boys” that day.

Woofies is a much appreciated backup to my circle of pet friends, as well, for if someone is going out of town and the rest of us are unavailable, it’s Woofies to the rescue. It is no wonder that, when I recently heard a fellow business traveler bemoaning having to kennel her pooch while she was away, I couldn’t help but say, “You ought to try Woofies!” Kelly – Ashburn

This is a testimonial to Woofies dog walkers and the outstanding service they provide. My wife and I owned two Yorkshire Terriers. One was 16 years old (Putter – who has since passes away) and the new addition was a little over 2 years old at the time (Oscar). My wife and I both work full-time away from home and really hated to leave our two dogs alone for so long. After worrying about how we were going to get them the attention they needed during the day, and to allow them to get outside for some play, we were fortunate to have been referred to Woofies by our neighbors. Woofie’s caregivers are truly great. And they are truly that – caregivers – not just dog walkers. The interest and love they showed our two dogs is more than we could have hoped for and for that we are very appreciative. The dogs were so happy to see them arrive and break up their day. We are fortunate to have found them and would recommend them to any dog owner.

I have been a Woofie’s customer since early 2005 and have used their pet sitting service almost every month. I highly recommend them. They make it easy for me, from booking the appointment via telephone or e-mail to the confidence in knowing they will visit like clockwork! They are great with last minute appointments and dealing with the unexpected – like a garage door with a mind of its own. The benefit of a pet sitting service is that it allows you to keep your pet in their own environment, stress free and content. They certainly deliver on that every time they visit. Kevin – Ashburn

We have been happy Woofies customers for almost 4 years. Although I met with several pet sitting services when I began my search for a midday walker, as soon as I met Amy, I knew right away that Woofies was the right fit for us. We appreciate the predictable, reliable schedule and our dog looks forward to their lunchtime visit. They are attentive, caring and go out of their way to develop a relationship with each customer. Although I’ve heard the stories about using larger petting walking services….Woofies has never cancelled or missed an appointment with us. In fact, we still have the same walker/back-up walker as we did when we started. They’ve even sent emails to me at work if they notice anything peculiar or unusual during their visit. It gives us complete peace of mind to know that they are part of the daily equation. We couldn’t be happier with the decision and highly recommend using this boutique service for quality, personalized service. Karen – Lansdowne

In 2005 as our moving day to Ashburn approached, we began calling pet walking/sitting services. We called many, and received a variety of responses from unenthused to haughty. When we called Woofies, however, warmth and caring rang through loud-and-clear. When one of Woofies’ partners, Leslie Barron, came to our home for an initial consultation, our impression from the phone couldn’t have been more accurate. Woofies’ partners, Amy Reed and Leslie Barron, exude caring for their true clients (our cat and dog) as well as for us. And, they do so with professionalism and an abundance of enthusiasm. Rain or shine; day or night; weekday or weekend; workday or holiday, they are ready and willing to provide the same on-time, quality service. In four year’s time, they have always been there for us. No exaggeration . . .we would have been lost without them. Marianne – Broadlands

When I adopted my puppy in December of 2004, I was in quite a pinch to find a pet walking service. It’s amazing how you can fall in love with an animal immediately and not think about what ownership involves until you’re faced with having to go to work in a few days! My dog was already 4 months old when I received him from the Second Chance Rescue agency, and he was extremely shy and fearful. He cowered and crawled on his belly when summoned, so I was very concerned about how he had been treated. I wanted to be sure he would never be mistreated again. I called a few services, but no one was responsive – which worried me about their ethics. Then along came Amy Reed of Woofies. She returned my call within 30 minutes, met with me that same day, and started seeing my pup the very next day. She was a life saver. She exhibited professionalism in the way she came prepared with forms for me to fill out, along with references, insurance and business license documents. Most importantly, she put me at ease because of the way she interacted with my dog. She treated him with the greatest care and patience, and was rewarded when he actually came to her and licked her hand – it was amazing and an instant comfort to me.

During the first two weeks, Amy took special time to just get my puppy to come out of his crate. She spent the time just petting him. Then she graduated to bringing him into my yard, and then finally going out on leash for walks. Over the next few months, you would not know that puppy was the same one I brought home. He was trustful and running around like a dog should. In those early days, when Amy knew there would be a day when she couldn’t be the one who walked my dog – she always went the extra mile and brought one of her team members with her for at least 2-3 days until my dog became comfortable with the new person. So though my pup is now a dog and a lot bigger, he leaps for joy, jumps all over Amy, and gives her sloppy kisses whenever she comes over. We never curb that enthusiasm, although it’s Against all the dog book rules, because his transformation is such a wonderful thing to behold. And I owe that all to Amy Reed. Amy and her team are tremendously reliable. They never missed one day coming to see my dog in the 1.5 years I was with them.

In June 2006, I moved to another state and I’m STILL looking for a decent pet walking service. In 4 months, I’ve taken off work 3 times because the service took vacation days. I can’t tell you how much I miss the Woofies team. No one measures up to them. (I and my dog still visit Amy because she is a part of our family now.) The Woofies team signifies the true meaning of “caretakers” because they love what they do, and they love their clients – the pets, themselves. And I highly recommend to anyone reading this message who has pets, that you consider letting Woofies take them under their “wings” – because they are truly angels, indeed. Colleen – Leesburg

After moving out of a single family home with a nice yard and into an apartment while my new home was being built, I needed to find a dog walker for my two beautiful girls, Big Sky and Montana. Finding Woofies, and in particular, Amy Reed, was one of the best things that ever could have happened to me at that point in my life. Woofies was able to take me on as a client immediately, and Amy started walking my girls so they wouldn’t be cooped up in the little apartment all day. That was one less thing I needed to stress out about! Amy has always been so attentive to the needs of my girls, she was even able to tell me that Montana had some blood in her urine so I could get her to the vet in a timely manner. Now that I’m in my new home and my girls can at least go outside in their yard during the day, I don’t use Woofies on a daily basis. I do, however, call Woofies anytime I am going out of town for business or pleasure and Woofies never disappoints! Woofies has always provided me with exceptional overnight and walking services for my girls when I am out of town. Not only did I find a business that truly does whatever it takes to make sure its customers are happy and well cared for, but I also found a friend! Stacey – Leesburg

When I travel away from home, there is peace of mind in knowing that my dog Rufie is in good hands at home awaiting a visit by one of his special friends from Woofies. Woofies doesn’t just provide a necessary service for our family pet, they can be counted on to deliver dependable, professional, and loving care to our family dog whether it’s last minute or a planned departure. When I return from a trip, it’s like our dog has been on a special journey as well. The people at Woofies know dogs! They always go the extra mile to deliver plenty of adventurous walks and lots of extra love and attention. Now that’s something to howl about!! Lynn – Ashburn

We have been clients of Woofies since we have had a 2 month old puppy Golden Retriever. We were concerned about leaving this very social puppy alone in the crate for more than a few hours while we were at work. Once we met Amy and had her come into our home for the pre-contract visit, we knew we had really met a wonderful person whom had a deep affection for pets. She instantly connected with my husband and I, my children and our dog. She has been reliable, flexible and an educator to us regarding the normal growing pains that puppies go through. I have total trust with Woofies coming into our home to walk our dog. We emphatically trust Woofies and their judgment of all staff that they hire and know that they have the same standards for their staff as they do for themselves. When our dog had a brief medical problem, Amy was wonderful in keeping in touch regarding his condition during her visits, and even offered to take him to the vet during her visit if that was necessary. She communicated, called later that night to see how he was doing. She truly loves what she does and we LOVE having her! Debbie – Leesburg

I moved to the Northern Virginia area from New York City in the spring of 2004. After 5 yrs of “big city” life, I was ready for a quieter lifestyle and the Northern VA area offered that for sure. As one might imagine, one of the bigger problems with moving to a new location is finding good organizations to provide services. Simple things like finding a good doctor, dentist, etc can be very difficult and cause added stress to the move. One of the services that is most important to me is the care of my dog, Otis.

I spent a lot of time searching the internet for a local company that I would be comfortable working with to walk Otis when I was at work or away. I called a few places and was generally very discouraged by the type of response I received. The people working at those companies seemed to care very little about their service, or the dogs, and I was very worried about leaving Otis with any of them. Then I found Woofies. From the very beginning the staff of Woofies was nothing short of exceptional. I was hooked with my first phone call. There was no request to navigate thru a treacherous automated phone system. Instead, I was greeted with an actual human voice that sounded genuinely excited to come meet my dog and spend some time with him. In fact, the owner of the company came over to meet Otis and I that very day.

Since that first day, Otis has spent many a day and night with the Woofies team. The staff of Woofies has gone so far as opening their personal homes for my dog to have overnight stays when I am out of town. When I left Otis for one weekend, the staff not only fed and walked him, but they went the extra mile to take him swimming at a friend’s pool. Another time, the extra effort was an afternoon play session at the local dog park. By the time Otis came home he was fully exhausted and I knew he’d had a great time! Once when Otis had gotten loose and gone missing, I called Woofies to find out who I could contact to try to find him. In addition to providing me the local animal control phone #, members of the Woofies staff began sending out emails with pictures of Otis to notify people in the community that he had gone missing. They even took time from their busy schedules to come to my neighborhood and help look for him. When I finally found Otis at a neighbor’s house, I called Woofies to let them know and I think they may have actually been almost as excited as I was. Since I’ve employed Woofies, they’ve certainly grown up a bit. They have a great new website where you can buy pet accessories, or find out other information related to owning a pet. Otis even has his own section of photos on the website. Woofies organizes local events in the community like swimming at the pool and Halloween events. These create a sense of community that greatly enhances the Loudoun county experience. They make people feel more in touch with the community and allow people to meet and new friends to be made. These are just a few examples of how the Woofies team has been so wonderful to work with.

I have now lived in Loudoun County for over 4 yrs and the experience has been greatly enhanced because of the relationship I’ve built with Woofies. I never worry about traveling or leaving town because I know that my dog Otis will be in caring, capable hands. He’s grown very fond of his trips to visit Amy and her staff. In the past when I’ve taken him to the kennel it’s been difficult to leave. Those days are over now – We both love Woofies! Tom – Sterling

Amy, and the entire Woofies staff, are reliable, friendly, caring, and trustworthy. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who needs a pet sitter or dog walker in the Loudoun County area. They always go the extra mile, and keep me well informed of what is going on at home while I am away. The best!!!” Tracy – Ashburn

We’ve used your services for almost 3 years now and have been so pleased with how you, your family and your staff interact with your clients – both the 2 legged and the 4 legged ones. Your kindness, care and support during Cody’s last months made a huge difference in her life and certainly helped us humans cope when we finally had to say good bye. Her response each time you came to visit spoke volumes. She couldn’t walk well and had a hard time getting up but Cody always managed a smile and a wiggle when she heard Amy’s voice. When we added a puppy to our family it was like we added one to Woofie’s family as well. Dash watches each day for the Woofie’s walker to come down the street and can hardly wait for his next visit to Camp Woofie’s. One of our biggest concerns when we moved to VA was finding someone we could trust that would care for our pets as much as we did. Our pet sitter in MD left big shoes to fill, and Woofie’s has exceeded our expectation in every way. We thank our neighbors for the referral every day knowing that we have found a true gem with Amy and the rest of the Woofie’s team. Thanks for everything you do and for doing it all so incredibly well! Vicky – Leesburg

The referral I received a year and a half ago has been the best advice I have gotten in a very long time. The love, care and tremendous support you have offered us with Zeke has provided not only piece of mind, but also the knowledge that our furry little ball of love will be in the best possible hands. It has been without exception that Woofie’s has come to our rescue at a moment’s notice. Whether we have had last minute meetings, additional needs because of a schedule change or a sick pup that required some extra TLC, your team couldn’t have done it any better!! When I arrive home and see my little man looking past me, I sometimes wonder if he isn’t looking for one of you? It is evident from Zeke’s frolicking disposition on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as the picture you sent that we have made a fantastic choice in Woofie’s!! Suzanne – Belmont

After getting a puppy it was too stressful for me to leave my job everyday to let her and my other dog out. I had heard about Woofie’s from my Bark Buster trainer so I decided to give them a call. It was reassuring to hear how much Woofie’s loved dogs and treated them like their own. I was very impressed when we were told that the same person would come to our house for the daily visits and that we would be able to meet her. I have had no problems with Woofie’s – they are very accommodating no matter what the request. I have been in a bind and they were able to stop by during the evening to walk and feed my dogs on short notice. I would recommend Woofie’s to anyone who wants a dependable and reliable service. They truly care about your pets and want you to be happy with their service too. It’s comforting to me knowing that they take their job seriously and enjoy doing it. Kelly – Brambleton

In April of 2006, I interviewed with Amy of Woofie’s Pet Sitting Service. I was dissatisfied with the previous walkers we had been using for our pet. I treasure Cleo, an older chocolate labrador/chow mix and need to feel completely comfortable that she is well cared for while I am at work. It is mandatory for me to have someone check on Cleo in the middle of the day because I work in Gaithersburg, Maryland and do not arrive back home, to Ashburn, until around 9:30 PM. The previous service we employed, committed the unthinkable. They left me a note one day, on my kitchen counter, stating that they could not find Cleo in the house so they assumed I had taken her with me to work. We had used this service for many years and they had a long list of available phone numbers, so a call would certainly have been in order. I told Amy of this experience at our first meeting and she assured me that would never happen with Woofie’s. After Amy determined that we would be acceptable clients, Woofie’s was hired. I have not had one minute of doubt regarding my decision on that day. Woofie’s (both Amy and Leslie,) has been exemplary in their handling of my dog and me. They have never missed a day of work and leave a lovely note each time they walk Cleo to fill us in on her daily habits and inform us of anything in her personality that seemed remarkable. Even a potty trip, that is not the norm, deserves comment. We prepare a calendar for Woofie’s at the beginning of the month and my partner sends it to their easily accessible e-mail. If we need to change a time, add or delete a day – no problem. Amy and Leslie never complain. They are exceptionally flexible and understanding of our life-style. Furthermore, they are consistently accessible for ease of communication when crises arise. I am an older woman and there are times when my memory has a momentary lapse. I am driving in my car, on my way to work, and am not sure if I closed the garage door. Who do I contact? Woofie’s! I leave a message and they unfailingly make a note in that day’s correspondence that reflects whether the door was indeed shut or if they needed to close it when they arrived. They always go the extra mile, are gracious about doing so, and never balk at the necessity of tending to something not ordinarily in their job description. I have since referred Woofie’s, without one moment’s hesitation, to both my adult children who live in Broadlands. So, my grand-dogs are also now being cared for by the BEST. My assessment is that Woofie’s is a Class A business, run by extremely competent professionals who care about animals and their humans. It is my pleasure to recommend them. Melody – Ashburn

Woofies is a first class operation. I knew the minute I met Leslie and Amy that our dog, Sammy, would be in the best hands. They were both so warm and personable. It was obvious that they had a wonderful way with dogs. Sammy is an older dog who is blind and needed extra attention. They took such special care of him. They would sit and pet Sammy for periods of time which was above and beyond the call of duty. He loved the extra walks and all the attention. As my daughter says, “I think Sammy loves Woofies more than us”. The best part of working with Woofies is their communication. Whether you send an email or leave a message, they get back to you very promptly. They always accommodate our needs and vacation schedules. The first time we used their services, they even called us and left a message about how well Sammy was doing. They always think of the little things that make owner’s feel more at ease. Lastly, it was always great to read their messages about what Sammy did on a daily basis. My children could never wait to read it. It was clear how hard they worked. I can’t say enough great things about this company. I know they will grow and succeed. They realize the importance of the personal touches which many companies lack these days. We look forward to using them again soon. Julie – Ashburn

We have counted on Woofie’s to provide pet-sitting services for our two dogs since we moved to Ashburn in early 2005. Finding a pet-sitter is neither an easy nor trivial task when one is looking for someone they can trust to care for their pets, who truly are members of their family, as well as someone they can trust to come to their home unescorted. It was important to us to find a service that was both dependable and trustworthy, and we have found it in Woofie’s. Since our first meeting, Amy Reed and Leslie Barron have taken wonderful care of our dogs and have respected our home. We have used several other pet-sitting services in the past, and Woofie’s far surpasses other services in terms of reliability and responsibility. Their professionalism and genuine love of animals demonstrates their commitment to providing excellent pet-sitting services. We look forward to reading the “report cards” that are left behind after every visit. Our dogs adore Amy and Leslie, and they especially enjoy the “canine socials” that Amy hosts at her house with other Woofie’s clients. We highly recommend Woofie’s to anyone in the area looking for a pet-sitter. Kimberly – Ashburn

Woofie’s is wonderful–just ask my dogs, Babe and Scout! But, if you ask me, I think Woofie’s is the most professional, reliable and easy to work with pet sitting company. They are dependable and always leave a comprehensive report of their visit. Plus, you can
always reach them whenever you might need to. Last–and most important–the dogs really love them! Nadine – Ashburn

I’m a picky customer. I work in the service industry at a company that reinforces outstanding customer service every day. I’m also a serious pet owner who believes in taking care of my two golden retrievers. One of the first efforts I made when I moved to the area two years ago was to find a pet sitter. I interviewed four different pet sitters. By far, Woofies displayed the characteristics of a service that I knew would meet my high standards – reliable, attention to detail and most of all, kindest when caring for my dogs. As a business woman, I have also noticed Woofies’ innate business sense by offering new products and services that would be of value to their customers such as the online pet boutique, doggie socials and charitable events sponsorships. Woofies clearly exemplifies excellence and achievement in the business community!! I plan on being a Woofies customer for a long time! Cindy – Brambleton