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Pet First-Aid Courses for Pet Sitters

Recently, we offered a few sessions of pet CPR and first aid at the office through Pet Tech. I was excited to take the course because my own sweet pup, Ginger, choked a few years back (thankfully she’s ok). My daughters and I panicked when it happened, and didn’t know how to help her. I took the course when it was offered at Woofie’s, and really felt like I learned a lot during the 3-4 hours we were there. Completing the Pet Tech course gave me confidence that going forward I will know what to do if I am ever in that situation again!

I enjoyed the course so much that I decided I wanted to become certified as a Pet Tech instructor. It’s important to me that as many people as possible know what to do in the event of a pet emergency- especially those of us who spend our lives taking care of our own fur babies and the fur babies of others. I completed the course with the guidance of an incredible master instructor, and am now certified to teach pet CPR and first aid.

TopPet Sitter Only Discount

We are offering a discount to our Woofie’s pet sitters because we know how important these skills are. I thought offering a ‘pet sitter only’ discount would be a nice idea since we all have similar day to day experiences with animals. The course is $79, but we will be offering a $20 discount to our walkers!