Woofie's mobile pet spaThe Woofie’s Mobile Pet Spa brings the comforts and amenities of an upscale grooming salon to the privacy and convenience of your home. Our fully-equipped, self-contained mobile spa with state-of-the-art grooming equipment is designed to achieve maximum safety, comfort and convenience. The Woofie’s Mobile Pet Spa is climate-controlled so your dogs and cats will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

With the Woofie’s Mobile Pet Spa, your pets will receive the personal, professional and uninterrupted attention they deserve. Regular grooming for your pets is not simply a luxury; it’s a necessary investment in the ongoing health and well-being of your pet!

Woofie’s Mobile Pet Spa – servicing Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling, Aldie and South Riding.

Please refer to our Breed Starting Rates page for the starting rates for your breed. Starting rates apply to healthy pets with well maintained coats, additional charges may apply to pets who are larger than average for the breed, or with health, coat or behavioral issues that increase grooming time. Please feel free to call us for more details at 571-426-6503!

Why Mobile Grooming?

  • Less stressful environment than a salon
  • State-of-the-art equipment ensures the safety
  • One-on-one personal & customized service
  • No waiting in a cage or crate
  • Cage-free drying – pets are hand-fluff and towel dried
  • Convenient for most older or disabled pets or clients with multiple pets
  • Safe environment sanitized before every groom
  • Decreased separation anxiety
  • No exposure to other animals & no Bordetella shot required
  • AM and PM appointments available, right to your door
  • The ultimate in convenience and flexibility – you can come home from work or vacation to a freshly groomed pet!
  • Benefits of grooming!
  • A clean pet = a happy pet, a happy pet = a happy owner!
  • Because your pet will be so closely examined by the groomer during the cleaning process, a groomer may see extra lumps and bumps that may not normally be discovered.
  • Regular grooming can help you identify if you dog’s coat looks bad simply because it’s dirty or if there is something wrong with your dog such as allergies, poor nutrition, internal or external parasites or other diseases.
  • Grooming can eliminate various problems such as external parasites or open sores caused by a matted and dirty coat that traps bacteria.
  • Grooming is a part of responsible pet ownership and it contributes to the overall health and well-being of your pet.

Top 5 Reasons Your Dog’s Haircut Is More Expensive Than Yours
# 5. You don’t go for 8 weeks without washing or brushing your hair.
# 4. Your hairdresser doesn’t have to clean your earwax or eye boogers.
# 3. You don’t bite or scratch your hairdresser.
# 2. No one asks their hair dresser to “express their anal glands”!

And the Number 1 reason your dog’s haircut costs more than yours…

#1. The likelihood of you pooping or peeing on your stylist during your haircut is extremely slim!

Source: Unknown

Core Services

Woofie’s Express Service – We start with a thorough brushing to remove excess hair and reduce shedding. Next your pup is treated to a hydro-massage bath with a premium shampoo & conditioner along with a no-tears facial and muzzle wash. Our groomer will clean out the ears and trim up the nails using a clipper and/or dremel- whichever your pet allows! Anal glands are expressed externally upon request for an additional $5. Woofie’s features cage-free drying so your pet will be towel and hand-fluff dried and finished off with a final brushing, a lightly scented spritz, and a snazzy bow or bandana for a final, fashionable touch!

Woofie’s Signature Trim – Includes the full Express Service plus a light trim around the face, ears, paws and sanitary area ONLY. It’s the perfect service for in between Custom Cuts. Any additional trimming (chest, fringe, feathers, skirt, belly shaves, etc.) are not included with this service and fall under the Custom Cut below.

Woofie’s Custom Cut – Includes the Express Service plus a full body cut to your pet’s breed specification or your personal preference. When requesting this service, please be specific about your preferences or even provide a picture that shows the desired look- from mohawks to lion cuts, and everything in between!

Woofie’s Custom Military Cut – Includes the Express Service plus a neat, clean even cut all over to the length you request. Includes cuts commonly referred to as Summer, Kennel, Lamb, Buzz and Puppy cuts. This cut is not recommended for double coated breeds, chat with one of our professional groomers for suggestions for grooming and maintenance on your pup’s coat!

Additional Services

Puppy Package – bringing home a new furbaby to add to your family? Keep that sweet puppy smell alive with our gentle puppy shampoo and fresh baby powder spritz. For pups up to 9 months old or until the adult coat has come in. Rate varies per breed.

Brush-n-Go – a thorough brush out plus your choice of: deshedding service to help control that cascade of loose fur ~OR~ leave in conditioning spritz to soften coats that tangle or mat easily. Recommended every 2-3 weeks depending on breed. $25-$40 per service depending on dog’s size, breed and coat

Woofie’s Mini-Makeover Service – A quick pick-me-up for today’s busy pet. Perfect for regular maintenance between grooming appointments. Includes a thorough brushing with either deshedding or detangling agent as needed, nail trim with paw pad hair trim as needed, ear cleaning, tooth brushing with breath spray and a bow or bandana. Starts at $40 for small, $50 for medium and $60 for large pets, for pups over 90 lbs, please contact us for starting rate.

Woofie’s Mani-Pedi Service – No more trips to the vet or salon just to get those nails trimmed – Woofie’s comes to your door! Groomer will cut with clippers or grind with a dremel – your (or your pet’s) choice! Includes paw pad hair trim as needed- $25

Dematting Treatment – We pre-treat the mats with a dematting product and then slowly work through the mats to avoid any stress on your pets. If mats are too severe or lose to the skin to be humanely combed out, your groomer may recommend a shave or veterinary care- your pet’s comfort well-being are always our first priority! $15 per 15 minutes

Deshedding Treatment – If we ever figure out how to STOP shedding, we’ll become millionaires… until then, we’ll take that loose hair into our van instead of your living room! For normal shedding, we handle it with professional deshedding shampoo and techniques at no additional cost. But for those fuzzy pets who need a significant amount of excess hair and dander removed (blowing coat shedding in chunks), we take it to the next level with a full deshedding treatment. Starts at $15, final rate determined by groomer depending on amount of shedding and coat condition

Flea & Tick Treatment – Our all-natural flea and tick shampoos work safely with Frontline or other similar preventative applications. Living fleas and ticks are neutralized (a much nicer term than killed). While this is not a preventative treatment, your pup will be tick and flea free when they leave the Woofie’s van. Please keep in mind that if there are fleas or ticks in your yard, home or wherever your pup goes, they will find you pup again, so contact your for information on preventative products. This treatment can only be added to a full express, signature or custom service. $15 and up depending on pet size, coat and breed.

Deskunking Treatment– That unmistakable stench is every pet owner’s worst nightmare! Our professional groomers use tried and true products and processes to get the skunk out. NOTE- do not use any wet or dry heat on your pup if skunked- this will only make the smell worse! We will towel dry your pup to prevent the resurgence of the smell that occurs with heat. This treatment can only be added to a full express, signature or custom service. $25 and up depending on pet size, coat and breed.

Tooth Brushing – Chicken flavored toothpaste gives our groomers the pup’s cooperation to scrub their teeth and gums! Your pup will also receive a toothbrush for future at-home brushings- $5

Deluxe Dental Treatment – Tooth brushing, followed by a minty plaque fighting gel or foam application. Your pup will also receive a toothbrush for future brushings! $10

Paw Pad Treatment – For those pups that walk, jog or run regularly on hard surfaces can develop some paw pad roughness! Our soothing paw pad wash is followed by moisturizing cream massaged into the paw pads to soothe roughness and cracking. $10

Soft Paws Nail Cover Application – Client must provide soft paws and adhesive. $25

Anal Gland Expression – healthy external glands expressed. For the health and comfort of your pup, if our groomer suspects an infection, we will refer you to your veterinarian, dogs – $20

Year Round “Pup”grades – we don’t call it a pet spa for nothin’- go all in with a “pup”grade for the full on pampering experience!

Aloe Organics – Soothe itchy skin with our organic aloe shampoo and moisturizing coat conditioner! Made with organically grown aloe, your pup will feel silky smooth, & you’ll love those giving those coconut-fragranced tummy rubs that will send your nose straight to the beach! $10

Just Fur Boys – This sporty Ralph Lauren inspired shampoo and light cologne combo is full of Vitamin B5 fur healthy skin, Vitamin E fur a shiny coat and a pleasant masculine fragrance to bring those females running~ Comes with a snazzy upgraded bandana to complete The Look. $10

Just Fur Girls – Pampering Woofie’s princesses with a refreshing oatmeal-based cucumber, white tea and vanilla spa shampoo and spritz that nourishes their skin and beautifies their coats. You’ll bury your face in her fur before booking a human spa day fur yourself! We’ll accessorize her special spa treatment with a beautiful upgraded bow or bandana- please specify which you prefer. $10

Happy Barkday! – Spoil your fur-baby on their special day- after a pampering pet spa service, your pet will receive an upgraded birthday bandana and a special photo to be featured on the Woofie’s facebook page! $5

Solid Color Nail Pawlish Application – $10.

Nail Art Application – starts at $15

Canine Color – depending on your pup’s coat we have a variety of dyes and chalks to give your pup some temporary colorful glam! Starts at $10, actual rate determined by body part and size – call for details!

Seasonal Specials – While supplies last, get your pooch into team colors, awareness adornments, or the holiday spirit!

Pink Lemonade: a cool combo of an odor eliminating hypo-allergenic luxury shampoo and a creamy coat conditioner that will leave your furbaby smelling like sweet citrus on a sunny day, and feeling soft as a summer breeze! $10

‘Skins & Bones – get your pooch game-day ready with Redskins accessories! Game Day Package includes a Redskins bandana or team color bows for your pup. $5

Man’s Breast Friend – includes a unique Breast Cancer Awareness bandana or bow. Take the “Think Pink” message to the next level with these awesome add-ons: Breast Cancer ribbon bootie bling, pink crystals, or pink nail pawlish application!***A portion of the proceeds from this promotion are donated to breast cancer awareness programs. $5

Holiday Cookies n Crème– No “dog smell” this holiday season- just sugar and spice and everything nice! A sugar cookie premium shampoo bath and spritz, includes holiday bows or bandana- just $10

Soft ‘n’ Silky Spawliday Special – Dry flaky skin isn’t just for humans- winter months can make your pup extra itchy! Soothe the scratching with a moisturizing oatmeal bath with a creamy conditioner punctuated with a gorgeous holiday bow or bandana, just $10

Spawliday Cheer enhancements!

  • A spritz of sparkle and shine! Your choice of Gold Sparkle, Silver Sparkle, or Sugar Cookie Scented Spritz, just $3
  • Woofies Pawlish for your sweet girl to have holiday spirit toes! solid- $10, candy cane pattern- $20 (red, green, white, blue, silver and gold)
  • Dressed to Impress! Adorable plaid and solid colored neckties, $5
  • Doggie Dazzle – bling up your pup with a little sparkle and swag especially made for our furry friends, all safe and easily removed:
    • Bootie Bling– Sparkly adhesive tattoo in a variety of shapes- choose from a flower, football, or skull ‘n’ crossbones. Perfect for the short-haired pup. $5.
    • Canine Crystals – can be applied as earrings, a snout ring or can be flat-ironed into long hair. $2.50 per crystal.
    • Swarovski Hair Crystals – $20.00 per crystal. Lasts up to 3-4 weeks!
    • Doggie Tattoos – Temporary tattoo “ink” in a solid color or glitter stencil! $10

With the Woofie’s Purr-fect Spa Services, our certified cat groomer will pamper your kitty as much as their “cat”-titude will permit!

Starting rates below are for cooperative cats with coats in good condition.

Kitty Pedi – a quick nail trim for kitty’s claws $25, $20 for rear claws only

Brush Out – Gentle brushing to remove excess dirt and hair, severe matting or tangling may incur additional cost. Nail trim not included.

  • Starts at $40 for short haired cats under 10 lbs
  • Starts at $50 for short haired cats over 10 lbs
  • *Add $10 for long haired cats

Sanitary Trim or Belly Shave – Sometimes cats with longer coats need a little help staying neat and clean after a visit to the litter box! This service neatens up their private areas for less mess. Includes a brush out, nail trim not included.
Starts at $60

Lion Cut or Shave – Occasionally less is more. Cats that prefer or need a shorter look can get it at Woofie’s! Includes nail trim as needed.

  • Starts at $90 for short haired cats under 10 lbs
  • Starts at $100 for short haired cats over 10 lbs
  • *Add $10 for long haired cats

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer baths for cats.