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DogTales: Confessions of a Pet Sitter

Dog Tales: Confessions of a Pet Sitter is brought to you by the fine people at Woofie’s. There are many reasons why people turn to dog walking/pet sitting services and for the most part we like to believe that pet owners are really good people at heart. Think about it: it is really very easy to look at Fido or Kitty or whatever your pet’s name may be and wish for them the best care possible. So what do you do? You call on a pet sitting service and you trust them to look after your precious family member as well as (if not better than) you would.

But what about the other side of the coin? It is very easy for a customer to think solely of their pet and not about the sitter themself. This site is here to share the stories and experiences of the pet sitter. In many instances, actual names will be changed to protect the innocent (yes, Fido, we will not narc on you for eating your owner’s carpet). Hopefully we’ll shed some light on what it is like to be dog walker/pet sitter and both sides, those of us in the industry and those that use the service, will gain some insight at the work that we do.


Oh, poop!

I was watching one of those shows on either Animal Planet or National Geographic and it was about training dogs. I think it was “It’s Me Or The Dog”. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t recall all the details. I was on the couch watching by myself when all of a sudden my […]


Aug 17 Comments

Cleo's Ninth Life

I would like to introduce you to someone very dear to me. Her name is Cleo and she is my cat that I had to put down last week. I know what you’re probably thinking. ‘This site hasn’t been updated for how long and the first post that we get is about death again?!’ Yes, […]


May 27 1 comment

Proof that dogs are smart AND loyal

Hang in until the end of this video. Try to persevere through the ‘Blair Witch’ camera handling. You’ll never see a cat do that 😉