Dog Tales: Confessions of a Pet Sitter is brought to you by the fine people at Woofie’s. There are many reasons why people turn to dog walking/pet sitting services and for the most part we like to believe that pet owners are really good people at heart. Think about it: it is really very easy to look at Fido or Kitty or whatever your pet’s name may be and wish for them the best care possible. So what do you do? You call on a pet sitting service and you trust them to look after your precious family member as well as (if not better than) you would.

But what about the other side of the coin? It is very easy for a customer to think solely of their pet and not about the sitter themself. This site is here to share the stories and experiences of the pet sitter. In many instances, actual names will be changed to protect the innocent (yes, Fido, we will not narc on you for eating your owner’s carpet). Hopefully we’ll shed some light on what it is like to be dog walker/pet sitter and both sides, those of us in the industry and those that use the service, will gain some insight at the work that we do.

Attempts to avert a cat-astrophe

Cats. Kittens. Felis catus.To many people cats are akin to man’s best friend, the dog. They’re family members, confidants, your bestest friend in the world with the big eyes. We call them ‘boo-boo’ or ‘kitty’, ‘sweetie pie’ or ‘baby puss’. I call them little fuzzy ninja demons. Before anyone gets their hackles up let me be […]

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Happy Holidays from Woofie’s!

It’s the holiday time of the year and it’s easy to get caught up in the fever of the season. In the rush from party to party, shopping, dealing with the logistics of children and presents and travel sometimes we forget about our pets. Our little fuzzy family members dutifully watch us with their big, […]

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An absolutely fetching young lass…

There are things that you never really expect from pets. With cats, you never really expected that they when they coughed up a hairball it would sound like an old man coughing. Dogs? You never really understood what their fascination was with rolling around in dead things. One of my favorite recent nuggets, though, deals […]

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The Abandoned Dog

Let me preface this post by saying right now: go get your box of tissues. Don’t argue with me. Just go get them and have them handy. Whether you’re a dog lover or a cat lover it won’t matter. This is a story that will grab you by your heart strings and shake you and […]

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Cleo, The Working Class Dog

The American Kennel Club classifies the Working Group dogs as Dogs of the Working Group were bred to perform such jobs as guarding property, pulling sleds and performing water rescues. They have been invaluable assets to man throughout the ages. The Doberman Pinscher, Siberian Husky and Great Dane are included in this Group, to name […]

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Well, NOW we’ve done it…

Top of the day to everyone! By now you may have noticed that the Woofie’s website has undergone a facelift of sorts. After more than 3 years with the old design Amy and Leslie decided that it was time to bring in a new website but with familiar touches to it. We’re hoping that you’ll […]

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