Well, NOW we’ve done it…

Top of the day to everyone! By now you may have noticed that the Woofie’s website has undergone a facelift of sorts. After more than 3 years with the old design Amy and Leslie decided that it was time to bring in a new website but with familiar touches to it. We’re hoping that you’ll take the opportunity to poke around and explore our new site and find some of our new nuggets as well as suggest constructive feedback. Below are a few of the changes that we’ve made:

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

Although it may seem as simple as putting a fresh coat of paint what Woofie’s has done has been considerably more intricate. The deployment of the new website is a sign that Woofie’s has changed its ISP (Internet service provider). This means we’ve had to migrate our web content AND our email accounts. For a company that relies on being in contact with it’s employees as well as remaining constantly available to it’s clients this was a an almost ulcer inducing leap of faith! In order to reduce the chances of losing any email we had to time the switch during off-peak usage and also build in cost-effective redundancies.

Trust me – there were A LOT of crossed fingers this weekend!

Please, look around and tell us what you think! But pardon our mess as there may still be a few minor technical glitches that we’re working through as a result of our move.

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