Sam Simon Is A God

I watched the following on 60 Minutes: Dog Nut – Modern Eccentric Helps Dogs. One of the original producers of the Simpsons, Sam Simon, has pretty much dedicated a good portion of his life to helping dogs. The Sam Simon Foundation rescues a number of abandoned dogs and teaches them to be service dogs. Evidently, he makes about $10M a year from the Simpsons and he donates his time, money and facilities to help our canine friends. The man doesn’t accept donations, either. He pays for everything.

I need $10M/year. I probably won’t make it dog walking. It is, however, a nice thing to daydream about 🙂

When I hear about people like Sam Simon my faith in humanity is renewed. I’ve always wondered what people who have tons of money do with it and it is refreshing to hear that he looks after animals in need. This is one of those times that I dream about being able to do what he does. I would love to open an animal shelter like at the Sam Simon Foundation, Best Friends or even the Rainbow Ranch.

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  1. I agree. Sam is a GOD. He is doing so many wonderful things for the shelter dogs and other needy dogs. He has my heart. This is what I would LOVE to do if I had the funds. Please tell him a HUGE THANK YOU for me and all of Texas. We need a SAM here in TEXAS.

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